Pre Post SEO

Pre Post SEO

Pre Post SEO Their toolset provides every an online plagiarism checker and a content material fabric optimization gadget as part of its service.

PrePostSEO’s purpose is to assist write special content—for search engines, for search engine optimization content, for internet site content, or for weblog content.

Their toolset offers each an on-line plagiarism checker and a content material optimization device as section of its service.

So how nice are they at it exactly?

We’re a content material advertising organization that has purchasers paying us tens of hundreds every month ! If our writers ever plagiarized something on their behalf – we’d BOTH be in a massive quantity of trouble.

We examine the exceptional writing apps and overview Masterclass training to make your lifestyles easier.

Pre Post SEO Pros

PrePostSEO has some first rate obstacles that differ based totally on which top rate tier you’ll be using. Their plagiarism checker software program presents offerings in a range of languages and can be without problems carried out into a website.


Acceptable Limitations.

This application judges utilization thru queries, which it defines as a easy sentence. That potential a 600-word article would use up someplace between 50 and 60 queries.

Free customers can make up to five hundred queries in a month, however paid customers can make somewhere from 5,000 to 75,000 queries, based totally on the stage.

All tiers have a restriction of 5,000 phrases per article. That makes it outstanding for search engine optimisation corporations which are normally simply checking out weblog articles or net web page content.

Publishers and university professors who see heavy day by day workloads would probably discover this carrier too restrictive.

Website + WordPress Plugins

PrePostSEO facets a widget that can be utilized to your website, assisting you police your content material earlier than ever posting it.

They additionally have a WordPress plugin that pairs seamlessly with the famous platform to post your content.

Diverse Languages

Subscribers can use PrePostSEO as on on-line plagiarism checker device in a range of languages, such as English, Spanish, Turkish, and German.

URL Exclusion

PrePostSEO lets in you to rule out high quality net web sites from the plagiarism checker report. This is a sincerely really helpful attribute that a lot of companies don’t offer.


Pre Post SEO search engine optimization what is seo


PrePostSEO Cons

I observed a quantity of tricky problems with this article rewriter software program and plagiarism service. Chief amongst them used to be its accuracy.

Simply speaking, this machine is now now not applicable ample to take a seem to be at plagiarism.

They’re additionally no longer very open about their database. To pinnacle it all off, their patron provider branch used to be sort of dismissive when I contacted them.

Vague Database

Their database of content material is poor. They’re now not very upfront about the specifics of their database. They make a indistinct declaration on their website, referencing “billions” of websites, but with no concrete numbers.

Are they the usage of Google? Bing? I have no thinking what they’re drawing from or how it helps me.

Compare that to alternatives, like Grammarly or WhiteSmoke, that transparently inform you precisely how many sources they’re every pulling from (16+ and 17).


Inaccurate Plagiarism Checking and Reporting

I used to be dismayed when I tried this plagiarism checker for myself. I entered our plagiarism pattern replica into the checker, and the outcomes had been downright horrible.
It got here up 32% plagiarised. This is a file that nearly each different checker on our listing labeled upwards of 85%.

Pre Post SEO search engine optimization what is seo

Maybe the motive I couldn’t get an reply about the specifics of their database was once that their database is now not all that great. To enhance your textual content or social media posts, you can also suppose of an choice plagiarism detector.

It additionally took a crack at our smooth replica and did an OK job on that one.

Pre Post SEO search engine optimization what is seo

Except it interestingly reviewed 101% of it?


No PDF Downloads

While you can run a document on your plagiarism checker results, there is no choice to down load it as a PDF. They do provide you a sharable link, however occasionally an proper file is a long way extra effective, specially when it issues worker accountability.

 Dismissive Customer Service

I reached out to PrePostSEO’s client provider branch by the contact structure on their website. I requested a easy question, in search of a little greater statistics about their database.

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